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First class treatment all the way.  From the moment you walk in the door you are greeted by a smiling friendly face.  Everyone in the office is so professional but friendly and is there to put you at ease.  Dr. Edington is very concerned for his patient’s needs and takes his time without rushing.  Wonderful change from other dentists I’ve been in.
- Susan W.

Dr. Edington was recommended to us by our dentists in Bradenton, Florida.  Our doctor’s staff found you and researched your office and she highly suggested we start using you! I thought that was pretty cool!
- Colleen H.

I’ve been many Dentists in my lifetime.  Some not impressive, others great.  Modern Dental Care and Mark Edington is the best.  I highly recommend them to others for a very pleasant experience with knowledgeable and friendly staff. They made me feel welcome and comfortable.  The work is quick and painless.  I look forward to going back for my next visit. 
- David P.

I have lived in Las Vegas for over 35 years and have dealt with many different doctors and dentists...Dr. Edington is by far the best I have encountered.  Finding a new dentist concerned me because of the lousey choices Las Vegas offers when it comes to health care.  Dr. Edington is awesome...well qualified, gentle and understanding.  Look no further if you are seeking a new dentist.
- Anonymous

OMG! I’ve always been terrified of dentists.  To use a Seinfeld term, I’m an anti-dentite.  This was the reason my teeth have been in such bad shape.  Due to the toothache pain in several teeth over the course of several months, my wife finally made me go and thank God we found Dr. Edington and his staff.  They provided me with anxiety meds the night before, then the morning of my visit.  I had 3 teeth removed and don’t recall a thing of this visit.  Went home and slept for a couple of hours and woke up to find a great new smile and not a bit of pain, or even discomfort.  Doc, Tara and the whole crew are just the best.  I can’t begin to thank them enough.
- Michael P.

Everybody needing crowns needs to experience this amazing service.  For the first time I sat in a comfortable chair, in wonderful air conditioning, flipping thru cable channels on a flat screen tv while my perfect crowns were carved out of porcelain in another room.  No more metal in my mouth is one of my goals and I am happy to achieve those goals with the help of Dr. Mark Edington, Tara, Steven and company!  I used to have to wait two weeks for crowns that I was unhappy with and now I get a wonderful product from a wonderful staff in one visit.  Looking forward to going back!
- Walter L.

One of the most pleasant and relatively painless dental experiences I had.  Dr. Edington is well trained, patient and explains what he is doing and why.  I have been to many dentists, and can say that this had been one of the best.  If you are someone who is afraid of needles or injections, Dr. Edington’s are practically painless! His office is state-of-the-art and very clean.  His office staff and chair-side assistance and friendly, professional and do a great job.  Like the title says, “Look No Further.” Would highly recommend.
- Anonymous

I have lived in Las Vegas, NV for 29 years and have seen my share of dentists.  Dr. Edington is definitely a keeper! He and his staff are thorough, polite, and friendly.  His office is clean and modern.  Dr. Edington holds himself to very high standards and his work shows it.  He truly cares about his patients.  If you are looking for a dentist with no hassles and no worry about your dental work lasting. Dr. Edington is for you.
- Sharon Q.

I have had such a wonderful experiences at Modern Dental.  Everyone is so friendly and kind.  Most importantly, the service is beyond compare.  Never have to wait, always accomadating, and the dental work is the best I’ve had in 30 years!  Thanks Dr. Mark and crew!
- Julia

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